Public Safety



Interested in getting involved in your community? Join one of our Task Forces, which together, make up the HD 102 A.C.T.I.O.N. Steering Committee.
All Task Forces are always led by HD 102 residents.

The Public Safety Task Force focuses on action items to keep our community safe, and educated on protective & preventive measures. 


Public Health

The Public Health Task Force has collaborated on community projects like the first HD 102 Health Fair,  in 2019. The priority of this task force is to increase the wellness of every body in HD 102.  



The Education Task Force stays up to date on all school district matters, including school board elections.  


Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Task Force has been working very hard on a new project! More details coming soon. This group is in charge of voter registration sessions, community support, and civic engagement throughout HD 102. 

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Our C.I.T.Y. Task Force is the newest part of our Steering Committee.  C.I.T.Y. stands for Community Inclusivity & Transparency led by Youth.  This group is committed to building an authentic and representative task force that encourages participation from every community in our district to ensure equality and fairness to all. All residents aged 16 to 35 are encouraged to apply.

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Do you have a passion for connecting with your community? Would you like to advocate for someone who shares similar interests to you?
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