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Status Update on Fair Park Vaccine Operations

DALLAS –Dallas County’s Fair Park vaccine operations will be closed [today], February 23, 2021 as Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) has not yet received the next shipment of Moderna vaccine. While DCHHS expects to receive it by late morning or early afternoon, once received, it will need to be thawed for several hours. Fair Park will open back up for second doses for those due on or before February 16 on Wednesday, February 24 from 8am-5pm. On Thursday, we will see individuals due for their second dose on or before February 17.

DateHours of OperationEligibility

Wednesday, February 24


Due for second dose on Feb. 16 or earlier. Please plan to arrive around the same time you received your first dose.

Thursday, February 25


Due for second dose on Feb. 17 or earlier.

Please plan to arrive around the same time you received your first dose.

The State has confirmed we will have sufficient supply of the vaccine to ensure all those who received their first dose of the vaccine at Fair Park can receive their second dose but there are shipping delays due to last week’s winter weather event. We are only administering second doses until we catch up following the winter weather closures, and we will start with those who are most delayed in their second dose. Please be patient as there are many who need their second dose and we must space out individuals to ensure timely and safe delivery.

The CDC guidance is that second doses of the vaccine may be administered up to 6 weeks after the first dose. While we plan to accommodate those needing a second dose much sooner than that, please know that the CDC does allow for a 42-day timeframe.

For more information and to check for updates on Fair Park vaccine operations, please visit


Clay Lewis Jenkins, Dallas County Judge



Lauren Trimble

Chief of Staff

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins

214-653-7949 Main

214-653-6591 Direct

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