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Richardson ISD High School Visits

One of my resolutions for 2020 was to visit all of the high schools in HD102, speak with staff and students, and really try to understand their needs to better advocate for our students during the legislative sessions in Austin. As an educator, I understand the value of education and will continue to make it a priority in my service. It is very important for me to hear directly from staff and students about what kind of legislative change they need in order to be more successful.

I am happy to report that on February 20th I visited Richardson High School, completing my trio of visits. (I previously toured Berkner High and J.J. Pearce).

I spoke with all three principals and learned of the amazing opportunities that our students are receiving through RISD—from the magnet programs, to the College Advisors in each campus. Richardson ISD has done an outstanding job at providing our kids with the tools necessary to succeed in college (and in the workplace, providing them with real skills that make them real contenders in today’s job markets).

I listened to students talk about some of the issues that they’re facing, and what they are grateful for in their schools. They talked about the support that their teachers provide, and the welcoming atmospheres created to embrace individuality, truly giving meaning to “all means all”.

Huge thanks to Principal Cage, Principal Choat, Principal Evans, Liz Morse, and all the administrators & student guides that helped to make these tours happen. I gained so much knowledge that I will use to better advocate for you in Austin and bring real change to HD 102.

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