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Parkland Health & Hospital System: COVID Updates for March 30, 2020

Testing Sites: 

Drive-through testing 

• Two COVID-19 testing sites are open in Dallas. They are located at 2500 Victory Plaza (American Airlines Center) and 9191 S. Polk Street (Ellis Davis Field House). 

• The two sites are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

• Each site can do a maximum of 250 tests per day (per the federal government’s guidelines). 

• Drive-through testing is closed for the day when they reach the maximum number of tests allowed. 

• Criteria for testing sites is as follows:

o Must have a cough, 

o Shortness of breath, 

o Must show a temperature of 99.6 degrees or higher. 

Parkland Testing Site 

• Established Parkland patients with a doctor’s order can also receive drive-through testing at Parkland Hospital. 

• Unscheduled, drop-in appointments for the general public will not be available at the Parkland site. 

• Parkland patients can contact the COVID-19 Patient Line at 214-590-8060. Again, at this time, this service is only available to current Parkland patients. 

• Non-Parkland patients should access the drive-through testing sites at American Airlines Center or Ellis Davis Field House. 

Important Information: 

Stay calm, stay home 

• Results for tests take approximately a week to 10 days. As more people are tested for COVID-19, there will be an increase in the number of positive cases being reported. 

• Do not panic; instead continue to self-isolate and follow the government mandated precautions. 


Self-Isolation is isolating 

• As the term implies, self-isolation can lead to feelings of disconnect and isolation for many in our community who are not surrounded by loved ones. 

• It is important to know you are not going through this alone (take this time to check in with friends and loved ones through phone calls, emails, FaceTime or online communication tools like Zoom or Skype).

• The virtual gatherings that have been conducted by some elected officials and faith leaders are a great way to help people feel connected. 

Scam Alert: 

• There are many reports of unscrupulous groups out there looking to take advantage of those who are vulnerable during this crisis. 

• Some of these bad actors have targeted people with sales pitches for bogus COVID-19 miracle cures. 

• As the federal government considers sending financial help to millions of Americans, some scams have popped up offering to help people collect money from the government if they will share their personal information with them. 

• The federal government will not reach out to citizens for information related to delivery of checks and people should not give information or money to people who suggest otherwise. 

• For additional information on these scams, you can send people to these sites or provide information to them from these sites:




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