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May 2020 Newsletter

U.S. Surgeon General Tutorial on How to Make a Homemade Face Covering:

Letter of Support for First Responders

I have been in constant contact with CLEAT (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas) in regards to protecting our first responders across the state. This includes our police officers, firefighters, & EMTs through an executive order directing the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Worker's Compensation to rule that any first responder testing positive for COVID-19 be presumed to have contracted it in the line of duty.

This would ensure the protection of first responders through adequate compensation benefits during this time.

**Click image to see full letter**

If you have any questions in regards to our work with CLEAT, feel free to reach out to our District Office by emailing or calling 972-239-5367

Protecting Reproductive Health Care Across the State

This month, I joined my colleagues from the Texas House Women's Health Caucus and the Texas Senate to recognize the importance of women's health care, including women's choice.

As our letter states, "the need for reproductive health care does not go away in the midst of a pandemic"; it is up to all of us to keep our leaders accountable and keep reproductive health care accessible to all.

**You can read the letter here.**

RISD Updates

In April, Governor Abbott issued an executive order calling for all schools in the state to close for the remainder of the school year. Even though RISD schools have been closed to students since spring break, RISD employees have been busy making sure our children remain fed and healthy. We extend a huge thank you to those individuals that ensure this is done!

Please visit our website, or RISD's website for the latest information.

Parents, please make sure your contact information (email and phone number) is up to date with your child's school/s.

Supporting State Employees

Over 60 of my colleagues and I are asking Governor Abbott to increase support for state employees through increased access to remote work (where applicable, and provide the resources to make it possible), provide on-site medical care, hiring, and more. We must remember that our state employees are working tirelessly to continue to fight COVID-19 and help us as much as we can.

You can read the letter on my website by clicking here.

Texas Workforce Commission Updates

If your employment has been affected by COVID-19, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) encourages you to apply for benefits by utilizing the Online Claim Portal, or by calling the Tele-Center at 800-939-6631 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Central Standard Time, Monday through Sunday.

To view more updates from TWC, you can click here.

In Conversation with Planned Parenthood

On April 24th, I joined incredible activists from all over the state for Planned Parenthood's 'Stories as a Tool for Advocacy' Training. Thank you, Planned Parenthood, for hosting a training like this, and for bringing together so many powerful advocates from all walks of life.

To learn more about Planned Parenthood's efforts in our state, visit their website at

Important Dates

May 5th - National Teachers Day

May 6th - National Nurses Day

May 10th - Mother's Day

May 22nd - Harvey Milk Day

May 22nd - Last Day of School in RISD

May 23rd - Eid al-Fitr

May 25th - Memorial Day

May 28th - Shavuot

*All local community events have been postponed/cancelled due to countywide restrictions on social gatherings in order to curve COVID-19 propagation.


CNA Relief

ICNA Relief provides social services across the U.S. to the underprivileged and those affected by natural disasters. Their services are made possible through contributions from donors and volunteers like you. They have served more than 900 families in the area, and due to the pandemic, require more help than ever to continue to do their work. If you would like to donate, feel free to visit their webpage by clicking the logo.

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