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District Events

City Council Meetings

Attending and speaking at your City Council meetings is a great way to get involved in your local government. Many of the issues that aren't taken care of at the state or federal levels rely on local government for resolution. Most cities have regular council meetings every other week, outside of breaks and holidays.

School Board Meetings

School Board meetings are a great way to keep up with local public education and gives you an opportunity to contribute to shaping your community's schools.

Dallas County Commissioner's Court Meetings

County Commissioner's Court meetings, led by your County Judge, are another good option for participating in your local government. Often an overlooked governing body, this is where county-level decisions are made, such as election administration, public health, and transportation, just to name a few.

HD 102 Steering Committee Meetings

Steering Committees offer a unique opportunity for residents (and neighboring House District residents) to be directly engaged in the legislative process, with direct access to their State legislator in regular meetings. These meetings also allow constituents to discuss issues with one another.

Virtual Town Hall Archives

Watch previous virtual town halls held by Representative Ramos right here.

Event Request

Interested in having Representative Ramos attend one of your events in the HD 102 or nearby community? Fill out the form below and our office will respond to your request as soon as possible.

About Rep. Ramos

Get to know a bit about Representative Ramos.

Witness Testimony Interest Form

Offering testimony in favor or against bills in committee hearings is one of the most effective ways to directly influence a bill. Once you submit this form, a member of our legislative team will reach out with details regarding when the hearing has been scheduled, as well as to provide resources to aid your testimony. We appreciate your continued collaboration. 

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