Casework Assistance


The office of State Representative Ramos is always open to help any constituent of HD 102.  If you cannot get an answer from any state agency, or if you feel like you have been treated unfairly,  our office may be able to help. 

While we cannot guarantee a favorite outcome, we will do our best to help you receive a fair, and timely response to your concerns. 

Here is a list of some of the most common requests from our office:

  • DPS Assistance

  • TWC Requests

  • Vital Statistics Requests

  • Local Resource Matching 

  • Elections and Mail-in Ballot Requests

Casework Success Stories

Property Tax Help

This summer, we helped a local senior resident with some property tax assistance. Our office worked together with the Dallas County Tax Office to put her on the right path to be able to change the title of her home, and receive any senior tax exemptions she qualified for. They stated "I am extremely grateful of all of the support your office has provided. Thank you".

TWC Follow Up

Earlier this year, the coronavirus pandemic forced many Americans out of their jobs. A few of our constituents have needed assistance to submit/request a follow from TWC. One particular constituent emailed our office, saying "TWC called me today and were quite helpful. Thanks for the valuable assistance Representative Ramos"

ICNA Pairing

Of the families in our district faced job loss and instability due to the pandemic. After contacting our office, we were able to connect them to ICNA Relief,  a local non-profit organization who was able to provide groceries, and additional resources for them. 

LCSW Assistance

An HD 102 constituent reached out to our office to follow up with the licensing department for her LCSW,  as she had not heard back and needs to remain in good standing to continue her practice. Our office was able to forward her information to the appropriate office and relay expectations back to our constituent. 

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