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86° Actividad Legislativa

Diputada Estatal del Distrito 102


A Dallas native, wife, mother, daughter of immigrants, attorney, and former educator are all titles I have held. From a young age, I have had to learn how to be my own advocate and speak up in times of hardship. After dropping out of high school and having my first child at just fifteen years old, I have experienced first-hand the positive and negatives sides to our state's public health assistance programs.

Early Education

Because the state of Texas invested in me at a young age, I was able to go back to school and get my G.E.D. Feeling accomplished and proud of myself, I decided to continue my educational career by enrolling at Eastfield Community College where I received my Associate's Degree. Having this new accomplishment under my belt, I felt inspired to enroll at the University of Texas at Arlington where I studied Communications. 

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Higher Education

Having fostered a love for education, I enrolled at Texas Women's University in 2005 and received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Shortly after, I chose to continue my educational career at Southern Methodist University and got my Juris Doctorate. This allowed me to fulfill my life-long dream of giving back to the community that invested in me early on when I was in need by locally practicing law in Dallas. Ramos Law PLLC was opened in 2013 and I am grateful for the opportunity to help families and individuals of the state of Texas (SMU law).

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Public Service

Working closely with members of the community on revitalization projects and public health safety programs has also allowed me to reinvest my time and give back to the community. For example, I lead an initiative to buy a local neighborhood bar, Mario’s, that attracted criminal activity and had it demolished in 2005. The former bar has since been transformed into a local police store-front, benefiting locals. I also helped increase access to higher education in Dallas by heading the development of a new campus of El Centro Community College where I served as the college’s first Executive Director. The college is presently fully operational. 


Courage to Serve

Once progressive values started to be attacked in 2016, I decided to run for the House District 102 seat in November of 2018. My campaign was able to successfully flip a Republican-held seat and gave locals who had not previously felt represented hope for a better future. I was re-elected in both 2020 & 2022. While in office, I've sat on the Defense & Veterans' Affairs, Natural Resources, Human Services, and Juvenile Justice & Family Issues committees. In 2023, I was honored to serve as the Chair of the Texas House Progressive Caucus.

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Bold Leadership

As your State Representative, I promise to remain a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, students, educators, immigrants, women, and those who have been historically overlooked. I will continue to fight to improve the lives of ALL Texans by advocating for public education, affordable healthcare access, property tax reform, sensible gun legislation, women’s rights, and voting rights, among other important issues. During the 88th Legislative Session I was honored to serve as Chair for the Texas Legislative Progressive Caucus.

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The Legislative Process

Learn about how the Texas legislative process works, and how a bill becomes a law. Below you can also find voting resources, including registration info.

Meet Team Ramos

Get to know the team that helps my office run smoothly.

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