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Texas State Representative Ana-Maria Ramos
Representing House District 102 (cities of Dallas, Richardson, & Garland) since 2019.
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Special Legislative Session 3

Texas Governor Greg Abbot recently called for a third special session to start on Monday, October 9th for the purpose of passing legislation creating a universal school voucher program, further militarizing the border and dehumanizing our already broken immigration system, and prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine mandates at a time where cases are surging.

Despite being the only state employees to not receive a raise this year, the Governor's call does not allow bills that would increase teacher pay to be considered.

I'm committed to our public education system, and will tirelessly to protect them and prevent school voucher schemes from dismantling our already strained public schools.

That's why I've launched in order to provide resources for how YOU can get involved in the fight to protect our vital public school system from vouchers.

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