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88th Legislative Session

88th Legislative Session

The 88th Legislative Session started January 10, 2023. This session began a new chapter in the state, in which I will continue to advocate for all of House District 102. During these challenging times, know that my highest commitment is to share your voice in the State Legislature so that change is taken on the crucial issues Texans face. There’s a lot of work to be done, but I am ready and determined to fight for you! 

This session, I'm proud to chair the Texas Legislative Progressive Caucus. Together, we will move Texas forward by advocating for forward-thinking legislation in both the State House & Senate.

Below you will find my committee assignments, a list of bills I have authored so far, along with recent press releases from my office.

Committee Assignments

The 88th Legislative Session will bring about new & unique challenges, but will also present new opportunities to improve the lives of my constituents. As a three-term member of the Texas State Legislature, I bring years of experience & leadership to the table to fight for the 102nd District. I am honored to put my leadership to work on the following committees this session:

  • Human Services

  • Natural Resources


Caucus Membership

In addition to serving in committees, I am honored to be a part of the following legislative caucuses during the current Legislative Session:

  • Texas Legislative Progressive Caucus (Chairwoman)

  • Rules Committee

  • Dallas Delegation

  • Democratic Caucus

  • Legislative Study Group

  • Women's Health Caucus

  • Early Childhood Caucus

  • Mexican American Legislative Caucus

  • Water Caucus

  • Criminal Justice Reform Caucus

  • LGBTQ Caucus


Below are a view all the bills I have filed during the 88th Legislative Session. In addition, a list of all the bills I have co-authored can be found here.

Bills Filed (authored)

  • HB 1072- Relating to the prosecution of the offenses of unlawful carrying of certain weapons and unlawful transfer of certain weapons.

  • HB 1176- Relating to the capacity of minors to consent to contraception-related examination or medical treatment.

  • HB 1179- Relating to informing the public about the availability of provisions in protective orders, including provisions regarding pets and other companion animals.

  • HB 1188- Relating to the creation of a Texas conditional driver's permit, provisional Texas conditional driver's permit, and Texas conditional learner permit; authorizing a fee.

  • HB 1456- Relating to designating April 16 as Selena Quintanilla Pérez Day.

  • HB 1475- Relating to continuing judicial training regarding family violence victims.​

  • HB 1478- Relating to minimum standards for pregnancy resource centers.​

  • HB 1479- Relating to requiring a person convicted of an offense involving family violence or a person who is the subject of a protective order to surrender firearms owned by the person; authorizing a fee.​

  • HB 1485- Relating to staff development requirements for public educators regarding suicide prevention and other mental health training.​

  • HB 1923- Relating to videoconferencing with a child by the child's possessory conservator.​

  • HB 2537- Relating to the prosecution of the criminal offense of sexual assault.

  • HB 3438- Relating to the definition of telephone call for purposes of regulating telephone solicitations.

  • HB 4200- Relating to the provision of services by nonphysician mental health professionals at school districts.

  • HB 4201- Relating to recording the results of certain home studies performed by the Department of Family and Protective Services.

  • HB 4202- Relating to requiring the posting of certain information on an open-enrollment charter school's Internet website regarding the school's governing body.

  • HB 4203- Relating to the public accessibility of open-enrollment charter school annual financial statements.

  • HB 4205- Relating to the medical accuracy of informational materials given to a woman seeking an abortion.

  • HB 4224- Relating to eligibility for supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits.

  • HB 5182- Relating to the creation of a bulk ammunition database.

  • HB 5185- Relating to liability insurance for firearm ownership.

  • HB 5188- Relating to the requirements for the purchase of ammunition; creating an offense.

  • HB 5220- Relating to certain beginning and ending times of possession under a standard possession order in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship.

  • HB 5221- Relating to certain beginning and ending times of possession under a standard possession order in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship.

Bills Filed (joint authored)

  • HB 1014- Relating to county and municipal housing authority pet policies.

  • HB 1089- Relating to contracting with companies that boycott or discriminate against certain entities.

  • HB 1209- Relating to the permissible uses of the bilingual education allotment provided under the foundation school program.

  • HB 1211- Relating to the repayment of certain mental health professional education loans.

  • HB 1440- Relating to the authority to approve change orders for certain municipal contracts.

  • HB 1474- Relating to protections for pregnant and parenting students enrolled in public institutions of higher education.

  • HB 1502- Relating to required training regarding trauma-informed care for certain judges and attorneys.

  • HB 1999- Relating to unlawful employment practices based on sexual harassment, including complaints and civil actions arising from those practices.

  • HB 2148- Relating to a study on veteran deaths caused by suicide.

Recent Press Releases

Primary & Joint Authorship



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